Friday, February 27, 2009

Bulk Essential Oil of Lavender Special!

For the month of March we are offering our Organic Lavender essential oil (lavandin-Grosso variety) on HUGE SAVINGS!! These prices are below our wholesale pricing!!

Wonderfully alive, fresh & naturally fragrant, this pure steam distilled essential oil of Lavender is what has made us famous. Harvested in the early morning when the flowers are at their very peak. Every drop is distilled by Joe Orcutt (our Master Distiller). Joe has distilled numerous varieties of lavender, herbs, spices and holy herbs from India.

This Special is perfect for Soap Makers, Candle Makers and other small manufacturers to greatly improve the quality of their product by using this High-Grade Organic essential oil. Share some with your friends & family, or stock up for yourself.

This Bulk Lavender oil special will be available first to you, our BLOG readers. Next week if supplies last, we will offer these prices on our website.
Pricing is as follows:
2 oz. Bottle-Reg. $25.00 Special Price: $20.00

4 oz. Bottle-Reg. $40.00 Special Price: $30.00

8 oz. Bottle-Reg. $75.00 Special Price: $50.00

16 oz. Bottle-Reg. $135.00 Special Price: $80.00

32 oz. Bottle-Reg. $250.00 Special Price: $140.00

1 Gallon-Reg. $850.00 Special Price: $495.00

To Order our Organic Lavender Oil at this great price call us directly at: 541-354-9917

Friday, February 20, 2009

February 2009 Specials

Here is our newest specials for the month of February:

Lavender Dust Body Powder-You will love how silky and beautiful this all Natural powder feels on your skin! Hood River Lavender Body Dust is talc-free, created with Kaolin, Arrow Root and our own L. angustifolia lavender and oil. 2 oz. of lovely pampering Body Dust.

Lavender Palm Wax Candle Special-Sure to set a mood towards relaxation and romance. These all Natural Palm Wax Candles are made with a huge dose of our Organic Lavender Oil! Long-burning and over 90% less toxic and less soot as parafin candles, these candles bring a warm aromatic atmosphere in each 4 oz. travel tin.
With this Buy-1-get-1-FREE price you can't go wrong!

Old Fashion Handmade Lavender Soap- Buy 2 get 1 FREE!

Large Pyramid Palm Wax Candle-This All Natural Lavender Palm Wax candle is made to last and last! Huge amounts of our own organic Lavender essential oil go into this massive candle.
Average 1 lb. 8 oz.!

Plus Soy candle specials, Dried Lavender Specials and more!
Check them all out here: February 2009 Specials

Friday, February 13, 2009

What do Men Know about Women?

With Valentine's Day upon us, its not surprising that the most popular articles online are about Love, Men and Women. Seems the mystery to men of what is really important to women is still mysterious. Perhaps men are slow learners? Perhaps men just don't recognize, or pay attention close enough to learn? The fact is, we are all so busy with life, its responsibilities and time-required challenges, that we forget to notice and prioritise the things that are truly important. Valentine's Day can be the wake-up call for all of us. Possibly the most important thing to learn on Valentine's day is that Love is necessary, and should be acknowledged with the same emphasis everyday as it is on Feb. 14th.
Remember the heart candies and Valentine's cards we shared with classmates during elementary school? Our teaching, and foundation of how important our loved ones are in our life was present in most of us. How did we get so busy that those very principles escape us more days than not? I think that is what Valentine's Day is all about. Wake up to what is really important! Pay attention to what our Loved ones really need from us. An encouraging word wrapped in LOVE goes further to re-connecting our loved ones to us than most of us even know. And, after all, isn't that what is really important? The connection of our loved ones to us.

How much do you know about what your mate's heart needs from you? Not surprisingly, the most viewed article today is one on Yahoo titled: What-Men-Must-Know-About-Women.
How do you fair?

Thursday, February 05, 2009

Tuesday, February 03, 2009

St. Valentine's Day Specials

St. Valentine's Day Specials are now online.
If Chocolate Cherry, or Chocolate Raspberry, or our beautiful Lavender Rose Massage Oil doesn't give you some ideas for Romance, then you need professional help!

See these and "Love Kits" (gift packs) on our Valentine's Day Page