Thursday, November 13, 2008

Sniff Away what Ails You

Simple Solutions for vibrant health from Natural Solutions Magazine recognizes the calming benefits of Lavender.

Titled: "Sniff Away what Ails You" the article goes on to say:
If holiday stress has you OD'ing on sugary snacks or pouring yourself that 3rd glass of wine at night, a new study from the Warwick Olfaction Research Group in England offers a saner solution: Simply smelling certain fragrances has a stress-reducing effect on the brain that's similar to food and even some mood-altering drugs. "Some scents can trigger your pituitary gland to release hormones specific to easing many health-related ailments," says Michael Finkelstein, MD, a holistic physician in Westchester, New York.

"Lavender contains linalool, a substance that blocks the stress response in the body and relaxes the muscles," says Ruth Knill, PhD, an herbalist specializing in Oriental medicine in Boston. Perfect if you have neck and shoulder pains after marathon shopping trips.

Perhaps that's 1 of the reasons why our neckwraps, backwraps and Lavender Tummy warmers are so beneficial to use!

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Hood River-National Geographic's Adventure Magazine Best Places to Live

Yep, We (Hood River) made #5 of the National Geographic Adventure Magazine's Top Places to Live!

Here is what the article says:
"5. Hood River, Oregon
A River Town’s Next Wave
The steady westerlies churning the mighty Columbia nearby have been drawing windsurfers and kiteboarders to Hood River for years. But lately an almost equal number of mountain bikers, powderhounds, and whitewater paddlers have started calling it home as well. Judging by the signs above all the new restaurants, the recent arrivals are partial to sushi joints, wine bars, and bistros with hard-to-pronounce European names. But this recreational boomtown hasn’t abandoned its roots—the focus here is still centered squarely on the action outside." Read More

No news for us, we absolutely LOVE it here! Our little town has become the hot spot for BIG Fun.