Saturday, January 24, 2009

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Saturday, January 17, 2009

Positive Approaches to 2009

Happy 2009! Amid all the New Year resolutions, may we suggest 3 that we strive to live by:
Learn Something New-
Put to purpose your "I've always wanted to ___" Be it golf, skiing, college class at night, painting, music, etc.

See Something Spectacular-
Our world is full of the sensational! From nature's Mountains, Oceans & Rivers, to breath-taking Parks & Gardens, bountiful Farms & Vineyards, all which are awaiting in Oregon's Playground!

Say "Adios" To Stress!-
We all need to learn how to de-stress more. Exercise, Day-Spas, Yoga, "Girls-day-outs", chocolate, whatever takes you to a place of calm, make time for it. Good-quality sleep is essential. Did you know that Lavender is a very potent, natural deep sleep inducer? There are literally hundreds of sleep tests that verify its effectiveness. We try to help you catch zzzz's with our relaxing items like our Lavender Pillow Insert and Organic Lavender Oil, just to name a few.

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Live Simply & Happy,

Diane Orcutt
Hood River Lavender Farms

Friday, January 02, 2009

New Year means Big New Specials

Its a new year, and in our part of the world its a new round of winter weather. We have been hit, or blessed (depending on how you want to look at it) with a real winter so far this year. Lots of snow, cold, and brisk, clean days. This is the first winter here since I moved back from Alaska that reminds of the Great North. I kinda like it.

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With winter, comes the increase of colds, congestions, and cabin-fever. Nothing clears the head like our Lavender lavandin essential oil. Our personal favorite for sinus congestion and also athlete's foot is Hidcote Giant Lavender oil. And when the frustration of being couped up inside too long, or the stress of confinement creeps in, or the tiring effects of insomnia take their toll, nothing works so natural and cleanly beautiful as our Lavender angustifolia essential oils.

Migraines...if you don't suffer from them, chances are you know someone who does. They can be devastating, and for sure change your life. Here is a great article I found that may be of some help: There ARE natural aides that can reduce the suffering.

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and may 2009 hold wonderous opportunities and blessings for us all!